Artificial Intelligence and Retail


The proliferation of data and sales channels is putting a strain on the competitiveness of Fashion and Luxury Retail companies. These are faced with the constant evolution of the tastes and buying habits of consumers who are less and less loyal.

Artificial intelligence can help Fashion and Luxury Retail companies to effectively respond to these challenges and improve purchasing experience in the Retail sector.

The opportunities when using Pepper in the store are endless. 

With Pepper, Retailers can use technology to access their customers' shopping information, or to view inventory information. Customers themselves can interact with Pepper personally, to get advice, information or using it to find items not in stock and to order at the point of sale requesting home delivery.  

We work with Softbank, providing the software behind the hardware that allows retailers to adapt the capabilities of the robot to their specific customer base.

Our experienced engineers and technicians help to fine-tune Pepper's interaction capabilities to meet the preferences of every retailer.

With our Artificial Intelligence & Retail services you can:

  • Analyze customer buying behavior
  • Optimize the approach to the customer
  • Anticipate the demand and respond more effectively to the needs, even future ones
Pepper, the humanoid robot

In our everyday work, our Artificial Intelligence & Retail services allow you to:

  • Interrogate the Retail customer database, for example on loyalty, last purchase and cross-selling points
  • Question the inventory to check the on-hand stock in the store
  • Suggest in-store customers cross-sell purchases through access to the retail PRO inventory
  • Offer customers the opportunity to purchase items not in stock, to pay at the cash desk and to receive everything comfortably at home or at the POS  

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