What are the 5 milestones that will guide the future of Fashion?

Discover Stealth Day 2019 keynote speech by Anusha Couttigane, Principal Fashion Analyst, Kantar Consulting


This year at Stealth Day 2019 we host a keynote speaker of great standing: Anusha Couttigane, Principal Fashion Analyst, Kantar Consulting, and one of Drapers Under 30 Rising Stars of the Fashion Industry 2018

Anusha keynote speech will focus on what’s fuelling the future of Fashion industry by exploring five milestones:

  • Bringing Fashion Back Home – how the repatriation of production is helping premium fashion brands to work more efficiently and refocus on company values;
  • Finding the ‘Art’ in Partnership – tapping into the right partners to future-proof your business model;
  • The New Retail Calendar – evolving your production plan to capitalise on new opportunities in a global context; 
  • Sustainable Strategies for Success – trade, trust and transparency: building towards a common goal to safeguard standards;
  • Selected Case - studies for Best Practice Execution.

Speaker profile

Anusha Couttigane is one of Kantar Consulting’s leading experts in the fashion field, covering everything from cut-price clothing to luxury labels. In her job she’s tracking all the latest trends in fashion, from mass market offerings to luxury strategies, and her expertise extends to digital drivers, Clicks-to-Bricks strategies, new routes to market and Artificial Intelligence in fashion retailing. Besides that, she’s responsible for steering Kantar Consulting’s thought leadership in the fashion space, with recent publications such as Value, Values & Vogue in WPP BrandZ’s Global Top 100 2018 report, and the creation of solutions like the Retail Excellence framework, designed to assess retail touchpoints across multichannel brands.


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