Luca Tonello reveals the 5 secrets for a Sustainable Supply Chain

A newly-published e-book is available now for free


As the impact of Fashion on the environment is increasingly evident in terms of pollution, water consumption, carbon emission, and human rights, most of Fashion&Luxury brands are compelled to shift their business strategies and move towards a more green economy and foster new business models complying with the demand for more traceable and transparent Supply Chains.

However, managing a Fashion Supply Chain is not that easy as it means having full control over the numerous steps including product design, raw materials sourcing, production, distribution, and sales: for this reason, it is essential to rely on an advanced tool that can guarantee unique view on data and processes and facilitate the monitoring of the performance along the entire lifecycle of products. 

In an interview given by Luca Tonello, Sales Director at Dedagroup Stealth, with Fashinnovation NYC, the 5 secrets for a traceable and transparent Supply Chain are revealed and newly published in an e-book

"Having the right technology is essential in tracking and measurement, beginning with the traceability of materials and evaluation of production suppliers, and carrying on through the business to the consumer. Technology that collects and analyzes this data well is an enabler of circular, sustainable business models. It helps companies manage and understand information across entire life cycles of products, empowering better choices", affirms Luca Tonello

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