Hot topics and key learnings from EuroCIS 2019


EuroCIS 2019 was billed as the ‘leading trade fair for retail technology,’ and the event didn’t fail to deliver on that promise, proving to be the biggest and best incarnation of the annual show yet.

This year, EuroCIS featured 482 exhibitors hailing from 39 nations - all presenting IT solutions for retail and the retail supply chain. In total over 13,000 visitors travelled to the Rhine to pore over the latest technology. It was a very successful show with Dedagroup Stealth’s offering attracting plenty of interest during the three-day event.


We were at the heart of the action, with our IT partners SMF, speaking to prospective clients and taking an active part discussing this year’s hottest themes of omnichannel management, big data analytics and supply chain management. 

Our particular focus was on sharing our solutions which are developed uniquely for international fashion and luxury brands and retailers, giving them the control they need to plan and manage overseas growth.


Our top line learnings from the show


The primary benefit for Dedagroup Stealth was the opportunity to connect with this vast audience of international retailers and industry experts. We were able to share our knowledge and ideas, as well as learn from others, and better understand the challenges of the day. Here are our top-five highlights from this year’s show:

  • As promised, the implementation of omnichannel strategies was a major talking point at EuroCIS 2019. Tech on show to help retailers prepare for the future included mobile solutions for supporting shop assistants, and the latest unified commerce software solutions and cloud support. Aiming for omnichannel functionality and interoperability is now the norm for retailers as they plan future growth and keep pace with evolving consumer needs. 
  • The retail sector is clearly ready to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI), the possibilities of Internet of Everything, RFID, blockchain and data analytics to become more competitive.
  • There was plenty of discussion about being sure of the business case for new technology, and the importance of retailers working closely with tech providers to ease implementation and maximise the performance outcomes. 
  • It was fascinating to see first-hand the latest technology that enhances the store experience, such as smart mirrors, video walls and virtual reality installations and apps. More and more of this technology will be enhancing stores and the shopping experience around the world. 
  • There was a big focus on the practical side of automation in retail - self checkout and automated payment methods were of particular interest, and the impact on jobs was a key point of discussion.

Remaining true to fashion and luxury heritage


Joining us on our stand were our IT partners SMF, who are experts at software implementation and maintenance and the development and integration of mobile apps. 

During the course of the show we showcased our combined mission to provide the solid core technology to enable international expansion. Our combined expertise means that brands and retailers can focus on what they do best, without having to commit the considerable time, resources and budget to become deep technologists in-house. 

A key take-home message for our prospective clients at the show was that Dedagroup Stealth’s suite of solutions enables fashion and luxury brands to stay true to their heritage of designing, producing, merchandising and retailing the best products. It is this balance of fashion design excellence and technology enablement that will let retailers and brands control their destiny across the globe and remain competitive as new players and countries enter the market. 


Find out how Dedagroup Stealth’s solutions can give your fashion or luxury brand the omnichannel capabilities it needs; get in touch with your regional partner today.

Nigel Harris International Business Development Manager

I continue to travel the world in the Fashion and Apparel industry, broadening my Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail business knowledge gained from previous roles. Being a recent resident in Italy, at the weekends I enjoy learning about the country, and improving my Italian.

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