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Fashiontech Berlin 2022 is an international event that took place on 7th to 9th July 2022 in the German Capital with the aim of giving space to national and international companies related to sectors of like Fashion Apparel, Fashion Accessories, and Fashion Design. 
The event is a real date for exhibitors coming from everywhere in the world to show their products and present them to a huge audience of resellers, but it is also a hub where Fashion and Technology meet and co-live: during the conferences focused on technology, a big community of Fashiontech experts attended several on-stage talks focused on topics such as diversity, wellbeing, metaverse, and sustainability in Fashion. 

Together with our colleagues from Zedonk, we had the chance to see up close a festival dedicated to innovation in the Fashion sector, sharing with other business professionals a space to welcome brands and designers from all over the world and to show them our solutions to support their incredible job. 


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