NRF 2020 - The Retail's big show

The retailers who matter most are in New York during NRF Retail Week, January 9 - 16, 2020


The annual appointment of NRF Retail Week in NY is underway, an international event where Retail market operators from all around the world take part to learn, share, collaborate and develop networks. 

A week entirely focused on what the Retail movers can offer worldwide.

On January 12th, in the section Exhibitor-Big-Ideas Agenda stands out the theme of sustainability and traceability defining these terms as critical elements for retail brands: customers are now much more sensitive than they used to be about the origin of their purchases. They want to be more aware and informed about the origin of the product they buy. We are facing a shift from brand loyalty to brand belonging and Intelligent supply chains are proving to help deliver on these customer expectations.  


Fashion Brands are equally involved, and the recent Fashion Pact signed in France opens new challenges where technology can help, an aspect that we well know in Dedagroup Stealth
NRF Retail Week remains a must-attend event for us, to see beyond what is, to imagine what could be and bring new ideas to life.

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