Retail Pro Global Council

The “Sales Performance of the Year” award goes to Dedagroup Stealth


And the “Sales Performance of the Year” award goes to Dedagroup Stealth. In Florida and more in specific in Miami, we attended the Retail Pro Global Council.

There’s a twenty years partnership between Dedagroup Stealth, the Dedagroup’s company that support Fashion, Fashion Retail and Luxury Retail companies in governing data, information and processes along the entire value chain enabling Omnichannel development strategies, and the Californian company Retail Pro International, that supports brick-and-mortar’s cash management.


We are very proud of Eleanor Sammut (Sales & Project Management, Dedagroup Stealth) and Valentina Cogo (Information Systems Project Manager, Dedagroup Stealth)  that received, the last 4th of April in Miami, this prestigious reward.


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