Dedagroup Stealth wins the Sales Performance of the Year Europe at the Retail Pro Global Council 2019


The long-standing collaboration between Dedagroup Stealth and Retail Pro continues, reinforcing the management platform with a high level of flexibility and functionality which over the years is once again confirmed as one of the leading software in the field of Retail Management, as well as the first choice of retailers in over 130 countries worldwide.  

Proof of this is our participation in the 2019 edition of the Retail Pro Global Council, which was held from 4th to 6th April 2019 in Miami, and which this year Dedagroup Stealth, was honored to receive the "Sales Performance of the Year Europe" award.    


A significant award received by Myself and my colleague Valentina Cogo, Information Systems Project Manager for Dedagroup Stealth, which signifies our group's constant commitment to retail: an area which Dedagroup Stealth has developed and consolidated over the years with skills and competence, that today accompany the major fashion brands in their journey of growth and success on a global level. 

We decided to dedicate this recognition to our colleague Alessandro Conti, whose memory remains imprinted and alive in the heart of those who knew him and esteemed him professionally and humanly.


Solutions and know-how for global retailers


We are continuing to grow our collaboration with Retail Pro International, the company that has contributed to the innovation of retail solutions and that has allowed retailers to conduct business operations in a simple but effective way, without ever disappointing the consumer for over 25 years. 

The Retail Pro Global Council was a unique opportunity to touch upon all the added value brought about by the precious contribution of Retail Pro Business Partners worldwide: the dissemination of knowledge and the sharing of innovative ideas to make operations more effective, allowing Retailers to focus on customer needs and optimize their market visibility. 

A value we continue to leverage to bring innovation to the Retail network construction strategies of the brands we partner, on their global journey.  


Ideas for the future

The main topics of the discussions were centered around the current trends in Fashion and Retail and future trends, to be able to support the growth of the network partners that are already well established in the market with worldwide coverage.   Among these, in my opinion, is the importance given to Omnichannel strategies as a tool to place brand recognition at the center of the sales cycle, bringing the retailer closer to the customer and vice versa, to meet the needs and wants of the consumer.

Another hot topic was a debate on Digital Retail, an experimental approach that responds to the needs of the evident growth of the e-commerce market that allows Retailers to study the data emerging from customer feedback to centralise the business objectives planned for the future. The numbers are impressive, Retailers communicate with customers on average 7 times each year: there is no doubt that digital interaction is a fundamental step to consistently accompany consumers on their journey in search of the perfect product.


The Customer Experience was a key topic in Miami, where the Business Partners could not avoid highlighting how Retail Pro, with the combination of integrated solutions and the simultaneous use of physical and digital channels, won the challenge to both manage and lay a solid foundation for the Customer Experience that every Retailer was looking for. 

Fashion trends have evolved continuously over the years, and with them on the other hand the needs of the consumer changed. Retail Pro gives their customers all the tools to better face the change in the fashion world. Together with the other Business Partners who participated in the event, it was discussed how to improve the potential of an already established product and enhance it for the future. 

Adopting a global approach that allows the maintenance of a single version of the platform in the various countries of the world is undoubtedly one of the issues that most concern us: it is a matter of effectively orchestrating cooperation between business partners to ensure impeccable performance at different levels and different Market needs to our global clients.


Eleanor Sammut Project Manager

For over 17 years I have been working within the Fashion, Retail and Pos systems around the world. Joined Dedagroup Stealth in 2014.
I love my job because it is a constant source of new experiences.
“You call it shopping , I call it Retail Therapy".

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