Putting a value on Sustainability

Technology in support of transparency and traceability models to meet the new needs of sustainable fashion and create a shared value


The signing of the Fashion Pact has marked the beginning of a new scenario for fashion brands which nowadays are more and more committed to rethinking the Fashion sector. And the impact of this commitment on internal processes is already evident. Furthermore, fashion brands must face the challenges of the pandemic era. Which tools are provided to the Fashion players? And what are we supposed to expect from the future of Fashion?

Working in view of the new logic of sustainable fashion can represent an opportunity for consolidating the competitive advantage of a company. Elements such as transparency and traceability are the key enablers of the digital transformation which affects also the Supply Chain of fashion. So, technology is the best ally to create a solid shared value.

The 2020 edition of Stealth Day revolves around these topics: sustainable fashion, new technologies, and internationalization.

It will be a valuable moment for the experts of the Fashion&Luxury sector, a unique opportunity to explore current market issues and to investigate the relevant developments of Stealth® The Fashion Platform and Stealth GO!    

The keynote speaker of the 7th edition of Stealth Day, is Francesca Romana Rinaldi, professor at SDA Bocconi University and author of "Fashion Industry 2030: reshaping the Future through Sustainability and Responsible Innovation". 

Important guests of the Fashion sector will be present to share with us their experience with Stealth®. We will also talk about the internationalization of Stealth®, introducing the newly-acquired London-based company Zedonk.   

A full program of relevant names and topics, but there's more! A series of Meeting Rooms dedicated to specific subjects will be open: you can join and participate actively. Further information will be given soon.

Save the Date! See you connected on November 26th from 10.30 am to 1 pm CET.