Stealth Day 2022 | Agenda

Event Opening: h. 2.30 PM CET

The event is dedicated to Fashion&Luxury sector operators.
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The Live Streaming is open to everyone on May 26th starting at 2.30 pm.



Alberto Mattiello

Technological and business innovation expert, and international speaker with over 200 events in over 20 countries. He mentors companies and universities, including Imperial College Of London and Bocconi University in Milan.


h. 2.35 PM CET

Welcome by Cosimo Mimmo Solida, CEO of Dedagroup Stealth


h. 2.50 PM CET


The Fashion Industry between Technology and Innovation

The event will focus on the topic of technology innovation, the beating heart of Fashion&Retail companies: together with Luca Tonello, Sales Director of Dedagroup Stealth, we will explore the new trends in the sector from the Supply Chain to Retail. We will introduce to the audience new acquisitions and the precious network of partners that both in Italy and abroad contribute to our growth and the improvement of our technological solutions. Moreover, we will talk about the international projects that see us at the forefront of Fashion: first of all the Élite project, the Franco-Italian accelerator for SMEs in the fashion sector, designed to support the international growth of companies in both markets. 


h. 3.20 PM CET


Success Stories: two iconic brands of the Fashion Industry on the stage of Stealth Day 2022

From Venice to London, we will have the pleasure of hosting two exceptional brands of excellence in the fashion sector: Luca Malacarne, CIO of Stella McCartney, and Marco Coianiz, CIO of Golden Goose will be on the stage to talk about how the Stealth® solutions contribute to the success of two pillars of contemporary fashion


h. 4.00 PM CET


Technology serving the sustainable and circular fashion

Santo Lombardo, Executive Consultant of Dedagroup Stealth, will take the stage to illustrate the developments of the Stealth® Sustainability module, anticipating future projects on the theme of sustainable and circular fashion.
Thanks to the contribution of Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Professor at SDA Bocconi in Milan, we will discover the evolution of the Monitor for Circular Fashion which sees us as protagonists in the field of technological development for sustainable fashion 
for the second year now.
Together with Erlinda Lee, Global Senior Manager of Global Membership Development of SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition), we will deepen the progress in terms of sustainability in the fashion sector, focusing on how the market's approach to green and sustainable fashion claims is evolving.


h. 4.35 PM CET


The contribution of PwC, Platinum Sponsor of the event

Stefano SpinielloPartner of PwC Italy, will offer an important contribution on the topic of Supply Chain Optimization, analyzing the new omnichannel and sustainability trends that during the last two years have been increasingly pushing fashion brands to rethink and optimize their supply chains to react more quickly to market changes.

H. 5.10 PM CET

From the Big Apple to Milan: an international Guest

Jordana Guimaraes

Co-Founder of Fashinnovation, the global platform that combines fashion, innovation, and technology. The collaboration between Fashinnovation and Dedagroup Stealth, which began two years ago, brings continuous results and strengthens our business overseas, getting international brands closer to our world of technological solutions.

A Keynote Speaker of excellence

Sinead Bovell

Futurist, Speaker, former model, and Youth Tech Leader, Sinead has participated in conventions and conferences at the United Nations, the US Chamber of Commerce, Cornell University, and Bloomberg.

h. 5.35 PM CET


Stealth® The Fashion Platform: future projects and developments

Speaking of technological innovation, Michele Lotto, Presales Manager, will talk about product developments and the new frontiers of the Stealth® solutions: new vertical modules designed for the management of the Supply Chain and the Retail sector in an omnichannel perspective will be presented, followed by the suite of Stealth® Mobile App and an overview of the Stealth® of the future!


h. 6.00 PM CET


Roundtable Leather Goods Sector

The CEOs of some top-level brands in the field of Made in Italy Leather Goods will discuss the challenges for an entire sector that affects the economy of the country and the Italian fashion industry. Marco Campomaggi, CEO of Campomaggi & Caterina Lucchi S.p.a, Franco Zanellato, CEO of Zanellato, and Danny D'Alessando, General Manager of MIPEL will be on the stage of Stealth Day 2022.


h. 6.30 pm CET

Interview to Marco Podini, Executive President of Dedagroup

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The event is dedicated to Fashion&Luxury sector operators. Presence in Milan is subject to approval. The Live Streaming is open to everyone on May 26th starting at 2.30 pm.

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