Stealth: the management platform for fashion and luxury brands


Ideas and manufacturing – two words that sum up Italian-made goods.

The consequences – quality of materials, tailoring and meticulous precision, all key ingredients that mean Italian fashion and luxury companies continue to be talked about all over the world.

And that world has changed a great deal recently.

The number of collections per year has multiplied, the markets have become globalised, sales channels have proliferated, and purchasing experiences have diversified.


But, despite all this change, there is one constant – creativity. Today, as in the past, fashion and luxury companies give physical shape to aesthetic flair, creating, by extension, a lifestyle.

This is no easy task. How can we reconcile this sector-specific approach with the need to offer a high number of new items each season?

The key is the ability to build flexible processes and systems. At the same time, it is also crucial to be able to govern these while maintaining the adaptability, flexibility, speed, and geographical reach that allows a fashion and luxury company to compete on a global scale.

This means governing key processes with a unique approach that ensures garment manufacture is in line with consumer tastes and purchasing habits; and key to this is ensuring that fashion and luxury companies have a single overall view of manufacturing, distribution and sales processes, as well as consumer purchasing habits.


We have shaped this vision by putting Stealth, our comprehensive fashion process management platform, at its centre – from manufacturing to supply chain, and from wholesale distribution to retail, via master data management, analytics and online orders.


We have grown together with our clients, Italian fashion and luxury entrepreneurs who have built global brands that are loved all over the world. Together with them, our solutions and expertise have flourished.

Stealth reflects our in-depth knowledge of the key processes in the fashion and luxury industries; which we impart to our clients through more than 200 skilled consultants.

This experience has allowed us to devise a complete platform that is reliable, flexible, adaptable, and fast when necessary. These key elements allow us to effectively implement our clients’ omnichannel strategies, and are supported by two crucial advantages – a series of best-in-class technology partnerships, and a growing network of international business partners.

This means we can help shape our clients’ technology decisions, while offering strong operations management.


As we have seen in the 30-plus countries where we have launched, this is not merely because Stealth provides solutions to the operational complexities experienced by global fashion and luxury brands; it is also because we are consolidating our presence abroad through a comprehensive network of business partners, which will include a network of 20 global resellers and system integrators, with whom we will be able to provide local support to clients with branches and stores abroad.

We are helping create the roots from which Italian fashion and luxury companies around the world can continue to grow.

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