Italian excellence weaves the future of fashion, in Italy and abroadreshoring their production, yet taking luxury retail to a global stage.

How to interlace heritage and future development trajectories? 
How can Fashion and Luxury brands concretely transform the processes through which fashion comes to live to realize the mingling of tradition and evolution? 
How to face transnational growth, from Italy to the whole world, and back? 

The way some of the most iconic global fashion brands deal with this processes’ evolution resembles the technique of collage: combining and hybridizing sensations, styles, media, fabrics, past stories to be reminded and new stories to be told. 
That’s how we support our Fashion and Luxury customers, in our country and abroad. At the same time, this is our way of evolving our strategies, building new partnerships’ networks with which we become bigger, stronger and more reliable for all our customers.  It is our way of opening, integrating and transforming Stealth, the Fashion Platform, to bring it closer to our customer’s needs. 

These are Stealth Day 2019 key questions. Stealth Day is the annual event dedicated to the Stealth Community through which we look for new ideas to continue to design the future of Fashion. In Italy and in the world. 

Stealth Day is a private event, by invitation only. 


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