Shanghai, China - FashionTech FastTrack

Dedagroup Stealth will be one of the mentors attending at Startupbootcamp FashionTech FastTrack


The partnership signed last June between Dedagroup Stealth and Startupbootcamp continues and on the 17th of October at Prada's office in Shanghai will take place the FashionTech FastTrack, an informal event that the organization host all over the world to meet the most suitable companies interested in joining the FashionTech program. Nigel Harris, International Business Development Manager, at Dedagroup Stealth will be among the mentors attending.

During these meetings will be gathered new ideas in terms of product innovation, development of omnichannel strategies, retail tech, and sustainability aimed at improving the processes optimization and the efficiency of Fashion Industry Brands. Dedagroup Stealth, thanks to its thirty-year experience of the sector will be among the key players of this path guiding startups in the setting of their business.


Startupbootcamp’s profile

Startupbootcamp is a company with ten years of experience in the digital innovation world, more than 120 startups started and a corporate accelerator project that covers 17 different Countries and many different industries-markets.


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