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Retail PRO: POS Software Solution

With over 30 years of experience in the Retail field, Retail Pro is a global leader in Retail management software providing solutions to support retailers from all over the world in the optimization of processes and in the enhancement of Customers' experience. Thanks to its adaptable design the solution lets you choose the most suitable tools to meet the need of your Retail strategy, whether your goal is optimizing operations and inventory, engaging customers, or leading global growth.


Global Enterprise POS

With a centralized view of data, customers and inventory, you can manage your business worldwide relying upon a unified system. Thanks to the localization activities, you will be coherent with the region-specific requirements.

Small Business POS

Keep your growth under control thanks to the complete view of integrated inventory and customer data. Inquiry the sales performance data online and in-store and design your business strategy.

Retail PRO & Dedagroup Stealth

Dedagroup Stealth has been one of the top business Retail Pro International partners for the last 30 years, helping Customers with world-wide deployments and contributing to the expansion of the Retail Pro product suite worldwide. Apart from being a Retail Pro Certified Business Partner, Dedagroup Stealth is also a Development Partner for Retail Pro, developing convenient and affordable Plugin solutions to add desired functionality to your Retail Pro solution. Dedagroup Stealth has been awarded for the last eight consecutive years The Retail Pro Business Partner Award as a top Sales performer of the year in the European Market, consolidating further the relationship between both companies and a further growth in the market.


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