Stealth® Sustainability Solution

Supporting the new logics of Sustainable Fashion

Stealth® Sustainability Module

The solution collects and rates the data related to the materials certification and the information concerning the materials and operations Suppliers. Processes already existing within Stealth® Platform (such us Purchases, Warehouse transactions, BOM, Cycles and Work Order) are integrated in this structure without occurring losses.

Traceability and Transparency in support of the new logic of Sustainable Fashion

Stealth® Sustainability Solution is a support system integrated to the business activities. It is intended to facilitate the gathering and rating of information required to support the sustainability model that every Fashion company aims at. 

Stealth® Sustainability Solution allows the users to enter in Stealth® the Fashion Platform the details demanded to define the sustainability level of each item, including the row materials KPI and the manufacturing life cycle.


Stealth® Sustainability Solution: conveyed information

Row Materials

The information related to row materials refer to Sustainability Index and Materials certifications. To find the exact index for each material, we refer to certificate organizations which provide this kind of information via tools or portals. One of these is HIGG. The International HIGG Index will be part of the information demanded for calculating the sustainability level of a product. Data provided by HIGG are expressed in KG (materials), according to the LCIA methodology (Life Cycle Impact Assessment) and they refer to Global Warming, Eutrophication, Water Scarcity, Abiotic Resource Depletion and Chemistry.


The information related to Suppliers refer to FEM (Facility Environmental Module), FSLM (Facilty Social Labor Module ) and the certifications of suppliers. The FEM contains the value of sustainability index referring to Energy, Water and waste, whereas the FSLM refers to sustainable work conditions, exploitation of children, salary, employees’ conditions.


Stealth® Sustainability Solution

The Core of the Sustainability module will be a standard container logically organized to collect fundamental data. A cross-reference will be made between the data on certifications of materials, operations and suppliers and the international HIGG index: on the basis of this, the item sustainability index will be calculated. The results will be indicated on the sustainability label which can be released much like the composition label.

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