Transforming data into insights that enhance business knowledge

A native integrated Business Intelligence module that enhance knowledge, from production to sales

S-Insight is Stealth business intelligence module that helps Fashion and Luxury Retailers to exploit the entire company knowledge base, thus supporting strategic decision-making processes. 

We designed S-Insight to help Fashion & Luxury Retail brands through:

  1. A pre-set analysis modules
  2. An effective and modern set of tools with whom transfer analysis skills to the various business functions of the fashion industries
  3. A tool that features effective predictive models.

S-Insight: three different modules to trigger business intelligence


1. Stealth DWH

Stealth DWH is the ideal basis for powering the front-end Business Intelligence tools provided by Dedagroup Stealth through the other two modules of S-Insight.It can be integrated with diverse data sources and it’s the core module of Stealth’s Enterprise Datawarehouse architecture.

2. Stealth Analytics

Stealth Analytics leverages in-memory technology and features a preconfigured set of interactive and intuitive dashboards. That’s how Stealth Analytics enables Fashion and Luxury Retail brands to both dynamically explore business data and to get a detailed zoom into useful information with just one click.

3. Stealth Business Intelligence

Stealth Business Intelligence is the Stealth platform designed to provide a wider web reporting system, reliable and flexible, that helps Fashion and Luxury Retail brands to answer the specific information needs coming from each company business area.


Main S-Insight's benefits


S-Insight is a business tool that allows Fashion and Luxury Retail brands company to quickly get useful information to make decisions. It includes anomaly detection methods that allow to identify the set of variables causing them and to quickly solve issues.

We help Fashion and Luxury Retailers to get knowlodge in just one click


S-Insight also includes two specific dashboards, one for Sales & Retail operations and one for Production Manufacturing operations, that allow our Fashion clients to:

  1. Obtain appropriate and effective information to anticipate customer requests Improve identification of customer targets in relation to revenues 
  2. Monitor the entire supply chain, including internal and external production departments 
  3. Analyze the trend of direct and indirect costs thus integrating this information into the control model

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