Stealth Apps

A marketplace of fully-integrated tools that enhance Stealth’s capabilities, improving functionality and profitability.


Extending the central supply chain management, S-Labs seamlessly provides the complete and up to date information needed by 3rd Party Manufacturers, from Order Details, Bill of Materials. Routings and Delivery requirements


A set of advanced analytics and insight features that enable improved forecasting across production, distribution and retail.


A quick and simple tool for optimising each phase of production planning and management.


S-Order is a web and mobile application that allows you to collect the showrooms orders and the sale’s agents orders to seamlessly integrate them into Stealth. 


S-Orchestrator is the Omnichannel solution allowing digital channels' order management, to handle eCommerce and other marketplaces thanks to the power of virtual stock. 


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  1. Seamless integration with Stealth - consistent and accurate information
  2. A truly omnichannel view of a business
  3. Each app can be activated when required

Managed Processes


Extended supply chain management


Advanced analytics
Business discovery


Production planning and management

Managed Sales Channels


Stealth sales team management


Omnichannel digital order management


All Stealth solutions are available either on premise or as a service (SaaS) – or as a combination of both