Stealth Order: sales order collection from showrooms and sale network


S-Order is a web and mobile application that allows you to collect the showrooms orders and the sale’s agents orders to seamlessly integrate them into Stealth. 

Orders can be entered from the catalog or by considering both stock and future availability. In the latter case it is also possible to enter orders through visibility of supply orders. The user can monitor the orders being processed and their progress reports.

S-Order allows Fashion brands to have an overview of the accounting situation both of customers and agents, also allowing the real-time comparison of the sales quota with respect to the allocated budget.


An app tailored on Fashion and Luxury Retail needs

  • Stealth Order can be parameterized for multiple different profiles, such as client, customer service, agent etc.
  • It features a completely configurable layout
  • It includes two different modes, one for showroom management and one for reassortment management
  • It includes the possibility to get reports by its integrated query tool
  • It’s integrated with MS Excel
  • It manages news and communications, including their attachments
  • It offers a deep view on the accounting situation of clients, including invoices and payments
  • Its architecture is natively integrated with Stealth®

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