Stealth Retail

Stealth Retail is an integrated wholesale and retail management solution that enables fashion retailers to integrate sales information and production processes.

Real-time, seamless integration enables effective omnichannel strategies, delivering advanced management capabilities across the entire retail value chain. From the factory to the store, Stealth Retail ensures data consistency and substantially reduces complexity.

As well as integrating POS and retail solutions, it can provide specific process management solutions such as shopper tracking or store cycle management tools. Stealth Retail also enjoys access to a marketplace of integrated tools that enhance its capabilities.

Stealth Retail is deployed internationally by Dedagroup Stealth’s regional partners, who ensure that it is delivered to address local demand.


A tailored solution for
international fashion retail

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  1. Complete visibility of Inventory across Retail, Ecommerce, Wholesale and Production
  2. Management of the total Retail estate from a single platform 
  3. Real-time sales data processing
  4. Enables seamless interaction between production and retail processes

Managed Processes

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Product design
Demand forecasting and planning
Production planning
Production and purchases


Shipping documents


Customer service
Flexible ordering and merchandising
Promotions and marketing
Store transfers


All Stealth solutions are available either on premise or as a service (SaaS) – or as a combination of both